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On a two-woman mission to give your old cookbooks some love

The Cookbook Circle is a club for fans of eating, cooking and meeting new people. But mostly eating.

Rather than asking you to buy a new cookbook each month, we want to give some love to the ones that have been sitting unopened on your shelf for a while now. So, we get together every month with dishes we've made at home from those books that are a bit neglected*, under a different theme each time.

February's theme is comfort food - because it's somehow still bloody winter and we need all the cheer we can get. 

Bring along a comforting dish on February 24 at 7pm, as well as the cookbook it's from (if you feel like it). We'll have recipe cards so you can take down any that catch your eye. Location & RSVP details below. 

See you there x 

*We won't judge if you use an online recipe. The Online Recipe Circle just didn't have the same ring to it. 



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