On a two-woman mission to give your old cookbooks some love

The Cookbook Circle is a club for fans of eating, cooking and meeting new people. But mostly eating.

Rather than asking you to buy a new cookbook each month, we want to give some love to the ones that have been sitting unopened on your shelf for a while now. So, we get together every month with dishes we've made at home from those books that are a bit neglected*, under a different theme each time.

Due to coronavirus fun, we've had to unfortunately cancel our next event on March 30th. BUT with everyone stuck at home, we're planning a cookalong the weekend of the 28th & 29th, sharing your photos and recipes of your self-isolation staples on Instagram. 

Join in and tag us on @cookbookcircle! See you on Insta x 

*We won't judge if you use an online recipe. The Online Recipe Circle just didn't have the same ring to it. 


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