On a two-woman mission to give your old cookbooks some love

The Cookbook Circle began as a club for fans of eating, cooking and meeting new people. But mostly eating.

Pre-Covid times, we got together every month with dishes we've made at home from the cookbooks that sit unloved on our shelf, under a different theme each time.

With social gatherings and sharing food high on the 2020/21 hitlist, we've turned our attention to a PODCAST (sound celebratory klaxon, please) and we would just be pretty damn thrilled if you'd like to give it a listen - check out the trailer below. 



The Cookbook Circle is here to help you rediscover those cookbooks that you already have at home. We combed through every possible list of ‘best cookbooks’, and created our own master list. In each episode of The Cookbook Circle, we’ll pick one book and decipher its genius. Take a listen to our trailer below and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts to be the first to hear new episodes!




London, United Kingdom

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